Disaster Relief Trailer

Leader: Clark Harp

Disasters can happen at any time and anywhere. They very seldom give advanced warning. The Disaster Relief Feeding Unit Trailer remains ready and prepared to respond when needed.

Its purpose is to allow volunteers trained in Disaster Relief food preparation to prepare hot meals for victims of disasters in almost any situation.  It is designed to be self-sufficient. It carries cooking equipment, canned food, sanitation equipment, and resources that make it possible for the trailer to be connected to existing utilities or to be powered by a generator. The trailer has electrically powered cooking equipment and also the equipment to operate on propane from tanks carried aboard the trailer.

The Bryan Baptist Association’s Disaster Relief Feeding Unit is part of the Baptist General Convention’s worldwide disaster relief organization.  Our desire is to serve others who are in a situation where they cannot help themselves. Our motivation is to follow the example set by our Lord and Savior. He cared for the people’s spiritual and physical welfare. We cook for the people because they need the "bread" to feed their bodies during a time of need and we take the Word to them because they need the Bread of Life to feed their souls during a time of disaster.

  May 2021  
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10:30 AM
This is a meeting for all pastors and any other staff of our churches. They meet at the BBA Office each Tuesday at 10:30. They usually have a special speaker and then go to lunch together. They do take a break during the summer and also the Christmas holidays
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